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Director of Photography: Emerson Boergadine


Editing Services provided by: No6 

Editor: Andrew Manne                        


Color Services provided by: Company 3

Executive Producer: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Colorist: Damian Pelphrey

Color Producer: Alexis Guajardo


Mix and Sound Design: Lime Studios

Mixer and Sound Designer: Matt Miller

Colette Miller - Are we the Angels of this Earth? 

Angeliki Giannakopoulos - Peace through Motherhood

Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills - Emancipation from Mental Slavery

Sean Mayberry - Solving the Depression Epidemic in Africa

David Resnick - Using Technology to Build Empathic Resonance

Tim Leake - Deliberately Accidental Learning

Kristi Ling - The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness

Karen Anzoategui - Performance Excerpt from Ser

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