March 29th, 7-9pm @ Mophonics

Please join us in celebrating women's month, in this salon we will focus on women in the work place. We will feature speakers who are pushing boundaries in their industry and how they continue to inspire others. This event will feature 4 speakers, live music and refreshments.  

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Salon events share the same characteristics: brevity, opportunities for conversation and heightened interaction between the speaker and audience. Think of it as a dinner party with the smartest people you know. Short and sweet, each event lasts a couple of hours rather than being an all-day affair. And unlike larger annual TEDx events, salons do not have to be as broad in topic—they can focus on any issue, even a question that’s of interest. Organizers only have to film the event if there are live speakers. They can plan them with a short lead-time, allowing for salons that are timely, hinging on a specific topics in the news. Though the salon’s flexible nature allows it to take varied forms, salon attendees always watch a selection of TED Talks, and occasionally a few live speakers, followed by discussions about the ideas. We will be hosting these events every other month, each event will be hosted with refreshments and snacks.