Tuesday June 27th, 7-9pm (doors open at 6:30pm) @

We will have 4 fascinating speakers will share their viewpoints on the theme of “Breaking Barriers.” We will explore various aspects of this theme through talks about personal motivation, storytelling, and the limits of technology. The purpose behind the choice of this theme is to connect, celebrate, and share the stories of those who have crossed hurdles and gotten remarkable things accomplished.

This event will feature live speakers, live music, snacks, and refreshments.

MPC Address: 8921 Lindblade St, Culver City, CA 90232


Semaj Clark

Semaj grew up in the midst of violence, chaos and dysfunction in South Central Los Angeles. He was placed in various foster homes where he was emotionally and physically abused. With no guidance at home, he turned to life on the streets. As a teenager, his participation in two programs—the Brotherhood Crusade and BLOOM—inspired Semaj to get a high school diploma, attend college and engage in self-development.

In October 2015, while attending a Juvenile Justice conference on community safety in Savannah, GA, a teenager attempted to rob Semaj and then shot him in the back, leaving Semaj paralyzed from the waist down. After rehabilitation for his spinal cord injury, Semaj returned to Savannah to live, study and help problem solve.

His desire to run to the fire instead of away from it motivated him to create his own organization, F.I.R.E., which stands for Forgiveness, Introspection, Respect and Education.




Juliette Powell

With a life’s mission to help make meaning of our digital lives, Juliette Powell is a media entrepreneur, a community catalyst and the author of 33 Million People in the Room, How to Run A Successful Business Using Social Networking, Financial Times Press).

Drawing on a decade of experience in integrated media including TV, mobile, social media, and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank. Her live commentary on NBC, CNN, ABC and BBC and powerful presentations at institutions like The Economist, Harvard and MIT emerged from her lifelong interest in community-building combined with a deep knowledge of the people, technologies and business practices at the forefront of connected society.

Powell’s consulting services include global strategy and scenarios around the future of connective technology and data, banking, mobile, retail, and social gaming which are employed by corporate, government and media organizations including the United Nations, Warner Brothers, l’Union des Banques Suisses, the Department of Justice, the Department of Finance, Microsoft, Nokia, The Red Cross and Cirque du Soleil.

A passionate advocate for digital literacy, critical thinking and collaboration, Powell keynotes regularly on the Future(s) of Innovation, Information, Leadership and Education. In 2011, Powell began working with the E-G8, an extension of the G8 summit, created to inform G8 leaders on the future of the internet and connected society.


Andrew McGregor

Andrew has an eclectic background in the not-for-profit and social enterprise worlds drawing from his expertise as a filmmaker, inventor, writer, chessboxing champion, entrepreneur, frequent TEDx speaker, mentor, Highlands games athlete, photojournalist, and a founder of The Tiziano Project.

The Tiziano Project is a not-for-profit that used to teach journalism to people living in conflict zones and neglected parts of the world with an emphasis on creating jobs through media training that worked in places such as Rwanda, Somalia, DR Congo, Iraq, Kenyan slums, a California youth prison, Israel, Palestine, and South Central LA.

He was named one of ‘LA’s 40 Most Interesting People’ by LA Weekly, was part of a team that won the SXSW Interactive Award for Activism, won the ‘Foreigner’ division of an Independence Day Chess Tournament in Kazakhstan, his work and speeches won MindshareLA’s ‘Showcase Series’, he was featured in the Sports Section of the ‘NY Times’, and he has even received a Certificate of Appreciation from LA’s City Council!

He has a BA in Philosophy from Connecticut College and a Master’s in screenplay writing.


Shira Myrow

Shira is a mindfulness-based Marriage and Family Therapist and Meditation Teacher who is deeply committed to helping people integrate painful experiences, adversity and dysfunctional relationships into secure, resilient narratives. With a masters degree in Clinical Psychology, Shira is the founder of Yale St. Therapy Group, a collaborative therapist collective based in Santa Monica, California. Shira is also a Curriculum Director and Meditation Teacher for Evenflow, a next-generation meditation app that combines meditation, technology and psychological insights.

As a daughter of a treatment resistant schizophrenic mother, Shira found her way to psychology with the imperative to make meaning out of her own traumatic experience as a child. Shira’s clinical work focuses on helping couples and individuals work through co dependency, ambivalence and betrayal, as well as complex trauma in an age of anxiety and shifting cultural norms. Shira has a special focus in working with adult children of severely mentally ill parents who suffer from schizophrenia, bi-polar and borderline personality disorders. 


Artist: Phil America

Phil America is a California-raised artist, writer and activist who has worked and lived around the world. In his work he uses performance, photography, video, installation and sculptures, searching for a better understanding and connection to his subjects while bringing about an interpersonal relationship between the viewer and himself. 

In 2017 he has continued his focus on education, helping in the development of a free school for migrants with an attendance of over 1400 students per semester and opening more schools in 2017. He has given 3 TEDx Talks and has lectured at numerous universities and events and in the past 5 years he has worked with the UN, ILO, World Vision and other agencies and organizations to create art projects around the globe. Phil also published 3 books and his texts and photos have appeared in newspapers, books and magazines internationally.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.09.40 AM.png

Performance By: Coral Rhoads

Coral began singing with her grandmother at a very young age and was always part of choir and theater through high school. Then, believing it was time to grow up and be serious, she put all that on the shelf when she went to college. Much time passed and slowly, through a long series of events, it gradually drew her back and that place in her heart was rekindled. She now sings in a rock cover band that plays in Hermosa Beach twice a month called Angry Donkey and plays an occasional wedding or acoustic set (her heart's love) at varying places. Let her heart-warming voice sooth you and and bring stillness... if even for a moment.